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Lengths of Love Personalized Necklace

This personalized necklace is a great statement piece. Your mom or grandma goes to great lengths to love their families well and that is what this necklace is all about, a reminder that you see the lengths of love that she has gone to care for you and love you.  Maybe you would like to purchase this piece for yourself, a great reminder for us that the lengths of love we go to for our families is always worth it. 


It’s a piece that you can wear everyday.  It looks great on an 18' chain or a 30" chain. 

This listing is for a single rectangle tag, additional tags can be purchased just by changing the quantity below.


The personalized tags are made of pewter. 



Chain Length: 18 inches or 30 inches

How many tags?



Beads in between tags or not?

You can choose a different font for each rectangle tag or the same font for each. If a child’s name has more than 12 letters or you would like a custom quote, please message us and we will figure out the best option/font to make it work.



Lengths of Love Personalized Necklace

  • Usually Ships in 1-2 weeks

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