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The Small Family Heritage Necklace Personalized-SMALL
The Small Family Heritage Necklace makes such a special gift honoring the legacy of love and commitment to a family! This particular necklace has up to 5 names.
This necklace makes a wonderful gift for Mother's day or a Mother-In Law or Grandmother's birthday.  A place to include ALL of those she loves and hold them physically close to her heart-A place to honor the legacy of the FAMILY 
These handmade personalized necklaces are cherished by their recipients!
Email us if you would like this necklace, but you have more or less names and we can customize an invoice for you.
This necklace has 2 Sterling Silver discs nested on top each other on an 18” or 20” sterling chain.  The discs can sit on each other, flat, or in a cupped style.  Thanks so much for checking out our shop and for shopping #handmade.

The Small Family Heritage Necklace Personalize